Kia EXO SwingBase / Tow Hitch Attachment
This Kia EXO SwingBase takes your standard hitch and turns it into the ultimate foundation for hauling and organizing every piece of gear in your kit. It's the base to which all other EXO components attach. Notes: Fits 2" hitch...
$579.00 $492.15
Kia EXO GearWarrior
When you need to transport coolers, firewood or bulky gear from your home to your vehicle to your destination, this Kia EXO GearWarrior is where it's at. Notes: EXO SwingBase required.  Part# YAKIM 8002724 PRODUCT DETAILS Connects to the EXO...
$469.00 $398.65
Sold Out
Kia EXO GearLocker
This Kia EXO GearLocker gives you the functionality of a roof-top cargo box with hitch-mounted ease-of-access. Notes: EXO SwingBase required. Visit for weight limits and more information. Part# YAKIM 8002718  PRODUCT DETAILS Connects to the EXO SwingBase or EXO...
$499.00 $424.15
Kia EXO TopShelf
$449.00 $381.65
Kia EXO TopShelf
Double your hitch capacity with a second tier of super accessible storage with the Kia EXO TopShelf.  Notes: EXO SwingBase required. Part# YAKIM 8002716 PRODUCT DETAILS Attaches to and requires EXO SwingBase to create a second level on your EXO...
$449.00 $381.65
Kia EXO DoubleUp / Two-Bike Rack
This Two-Bike Kia EXO DoubleUp attaches directly to the EXO SwingBase or to the second tier EXO TopShelf allowing room for an EXO GearLocker or EXO GearWarrior below. Notes: EXO SwingBase required. Fits 20" to 29" wheel sizes and tires...
$579.00 $492.15
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